Drop Through Longboard – Atom Longboard, Santa Cruz Longboard Reviews

Whether you are looking to reach higher speeds than your skateboard can provide, or simply experience a new sports altogether, longboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies and methods of transportation out there. I written the details of top rated drop through longboard brands in this article. The length of longboards will provide a very unique, surfboard style feel that is very different from skateboarding.

Many longboards have a wider deck and are built low to the ground for increased stability and resistance against terrain obstacles such as cracks in pavement, and unexpected little rocks along the way. It is highly recommended to invest in a pair of red bearings to improve the quality of your board. When you are evaluating different longboards, you should look for things like downhill and carving capability, or maneuverability through crowds if you plan to use the board for the purposes of traveling to class on a college campus or for a tour.


Best Drop Through Longboard 2018

Here are top longboard brands reviews with Santa Cruz and Sector Nine brands.

Atom Drop through Longboard – Best Brand

Atom Dropthrough Longboard ReviewThe Atom drop-style board aesthetically features a very smooth halloween-style colorway. The board feature orange wheels and sleek orange patterns at the top and bottom of the board, complete with a centered Atom logo.

The black and contrasting orange colorway really makes the graphic pop out. The board is glossed over, allowing for a sleek, shiny exterior. The most notable performance feature of the board is that it is very low to the ground.

The Atom Drop Deck board is molded as a flexible drop through  longboard cruising model. This means that the board is engineered with a low center of gravity to enhance stability, and the propulsion of the board after every push from the user. The build of the board is designed for stability, rather than for the purposes of trick riding and performing sharp, quick turns. The length of the board is modeled for stability.

The 41 inch board is a great balance of deck length between a cruising deck and a more relaxed, board walking style board. This board does not come equipped with a lot of flex, because of this it is not recommended to take this board out to an environment made up of rough terrain.

However, the flex is robust enough to handle uneven sidewalks and the various tests administered by concrete surfaces. The trucks and wheels are made of pretty good quality, however, it is not recommended to journey downhill with this board. If you do, proceed with caution.

This board is very low to the ground, which results in a very fast board. If you want to convert this board to a high performance model, you can simply upgrade the trucks to a higher caliber model with more supportive bearings.

In addition, the size of the board will make this board a bad choice for riding through schools or crowded areas where maneuverability is a major point of emphasis. In comparison to many other longboard models of this size, this board is a pretty good price.

Many reviewers rate about the quality for the price. This board is without question one of the best entry level longboards if you are a beginner rider, not sure if you want to try out trick riding or riding on difficult terrains. If you are looking for basic tricks, (nothing too advanced such as skateboard style tricks), this board does offer decently lengthen kicktails.

However, the kicktails are very thin and if you attempt to turn with these kicktails at high speeds, brace for impact! In conclusion, this board is a very great price, features a very smooth design, and is an incredibly fast board.

This board is designed for stability, but not recommended for downhill riding or especially strenuous terrain. This is a great board for getting around a college campus, however, it is somewhat of a big board and will make maneuvering through crowds quite difficult. Although it sacrifices maneuverability with its length, this makes it much easier to ride for longer trips.


Santa Cruz Drop Thru Longboard – Top Rated Longboard

Santa Cruz Drop Thru Longboard ReviewIlluminated by one of the greatest rasta theme design, the Santa Cruz Lion God Drop Through longboard is easily one of the best looking longboards on the market.

The aesthetic of the board features a smooth red, yellow, and green stripe from neck to neck and a very smooth finish on the deck construction of the board. Underneath the deck is a beautifully created king lion that easily looks like it could blend into an art gallery.

This board has been heavily praised for it’s sturdiness in high speed situations. Immediately upon purchasing this board, it is probably a good idea to tighten the hardware of it. The wheels especially come a little loose, and having loose wheels can lead to a lot of trouble!

However, the trunks on the board come a little tight, and this will make it pretty difficult to maneuver the board if you are a beginner rider and choose to leave it this way.

The board is pretty heavy which can be problematic for transporting the board and convenience of travel. In addition, the durability of this board has underwent some criticism, the lifespan of this board seems to average between 8 months to 2 years among reviewers in the longboard community.

The board is 40” in length and is very well equipped to handle high speeds. The board has very minimal speed wobble, and due to the thick board, (granted it comes with the price of a heavier board), it can handle little cracks and rocks, tough terrain much better than a lot of longboard models. The price of this board is very typical for a 40” board.

In Conclusion, this board is amazing at handling high speeds, features a very impressive design and board finish. You will need to loosen the trunks and tighten the wheels when you first get this board, and you should be cautious about the board snapping after extended use, and aware of the above average weight of the board.


Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop Through Longboard

The most expensive board featured in this review, the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout board has many great features that make up for the additional cost. If you are looking for a board with a very large amount of control, this is probably the board for you.

Sector 9 engineered the board with a very sturdy deck and a great truck-fit. The board is very technically advanced, but it also features a drop through design alleviating the difficulty of free riding with a longboard. Initially the wheels are somewhat solely purposed for cruising, but after the board has been broken in a little bit, it will be well adapted to handle carving because it has very high quality trucks as well.

As mentioned in the reviews of a few other boards, it is probably a good idea to upgrade the bearings to the bones red bearings. This board has many great testimonials to its durability with heavier riders. Even users as much as 265 lbs report quality durability with this board.

This board really does not have many glaring flaws. One of the biggest problems is with the design of the board that allows for the neck to easily be chipped, the back end neck is a little more resilient however. The design of the board is a very cool wood style model with a smooth finish.

The board features neon green wheels contrasting with the brown wood, making for a very interesting aesthetic.This is a very fast board and a great board for beginner riders.

In conclusion, this drop through longboard has very impressive functionality as a longboard, however the design is a little visually unnerving and it is significantly pricier than most of the boards mentioned in this article.

If you need detailed reviews of best longboard for each top rated brand then read that post.

Quest Skateboard Cruiser Longboard

The best priced board in the review, the Quest Skateboard Cruiser longboard is also significantly longer than most boards. A 44-inch board, riders may feel like they are closer to surfing rather than skateboarding. Because of it’s long length, performing tricks on this board will be very difficult, however, it is a great board for long rides and achieving high speeds.

This board has a really great deck and has been heavily praised for the smooth finish on the deck. This board is lacking in control however, it is very stiff and has very low flex. Because the board isn’t very flexible it may be harder to control it on turns, or attempt to learn any tricks on this board. One of the biggest drawbacks to this board that has been frequently expressed, is the rattling of the board during rides.

The solution to this is to throw some caliber on it and you should immediately replace the bearings on this board as soon as you purchase it. If you are a beginner rider, you should probably tighten the trunks on this model as well.

This board has great reviews for supporting heavier riders as well. This board is very unique from the other longboards on this list because it is such a longboard. At 44” this board is certainly not to be mistaken for a skateboard-style longboard.

The Quest board is a very good choice for beginner longboards who want to take long rides with their board. If you are maneuvering through crowds or riding this through campuses, this board may not be for you as it is very large and has very low flex, making sharps turns nearly impossible for the inexperienced rider.

The Quest company has received some heat for their customer service regarding complaints and issues about this board.

In Conclusion, this board is very unique! It is really not too comparable to many models on this guide because it has a much different feel to it.

This board will give you more of a surfing feel opposed to a skateboard style experience. Be warned when you buy this board that the trunks and wheels are very poorly assembled and if you do not take action, you may have to deal with very irritating rattling on the board.


In conclusion, there are many drop through longboards to choose from and many differences in functionality among the boards. Many riders may simply make their decision based on the aesthetic of the board. It is important to find a board that will visually make you feel comfortable with the board as well as the performance specifications.

If you are choosing a board for design purposes, it will make the board look better for a longer time if it has a high quality finish on the board. It can be tough to evaluate the quality of the finish of the deck, but for the most part if it is very smooth or looks like it has a lot of grip it is probably a good quality board.

Additionally, do not forget to see what is being said about the durability of the board you are considering purchasing. Not all boards are built of the same material, and do not be surprised when your board snaps, it happens very often! If you are a heavier rider, you will need to be especially interested in durability testimonials.




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