Best Longboard Brands & Cheap Longboards – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best longboard

Longboarding is a more famous sport which was derived from skateboarding and surfing. To say it easily, longboarding is the art of riding a board which is made of carbon fiber or fiber glass, wood, and which includes wheels.

There are so many best longboard brands available in the marketplace. You just need to choose the perfect one for you and in this article I will help you make the right choice, whether you are searching for best longboard or try to get cheap longboards. This unique sport is much like skateboarding. It has a modern version and some unique advantages that will make the riding experience awesome.

Best Longboard & Cheap Longboard 2020

This following guide includes all the in-depth information and top 7 longboard brands & reviews you should know before making the best choice. Then you can pick the longboard that suitable for you! Continue reading to learn more.


Brand NameRiding
Size in Inches
Sector 9 Green Wave Drop Thru (Editor’s Choice)
Carving, Cruising, Downhill, Freeride
9.6 x 42.0
Gullwing charger
Quest Super CruiserCruising
9.0 x 44.0
ABEC5 bearings, 70 millimeters
PU wheels
Atom Drop ThroughDownhill, Carving,
9.0 x 36.0
Laminated deck,
Polycarbonate hub
Yocaher Speed Drop DownCruising10.25 x 40.25Concaved deck, Non-flexing,
Big Size
Rimable Drop-Thru Freerider, Downhill9.5 x 41.0
ABEC Nine bearing,
180 mm aluminum
Santa Cruz Drop ThruFreerider, Cruising
10.0 x 40.0
Store-able, Lightweight, Hardwood maple
Penny Complete Cruising, Downhill 9.5 x 36.0Plastic material, Compact,
For beginners

Sector 9 Green Wave Drop Thru – Best Longboard to Buy

Sector 9 Green Wave Drop Thru Best Longboard

This Drop Through Bamboo Green Wave Longboard is premium quality which features a size of 42”. This is from Sector 9 a well known and best longboard brand. This particular provides an affordable price. This longboard includes the use of almost all genuine Sector 9 parts which fulfill the maximum of the requirements. This longboard is manufactured from 100% environmentally friendly bamboo with the CNC drop through installation. The utilization of 74 millimeter wheels instead of the frequently used 70 millimeter wheels enables this board to attain swifter speeds required in downhill riding. The next are a list of key features which make this particular Sector 9 board noticeable.


  • It features CNC Drop Thru Installation
  • The bamboo provides increased versatility and simple jumping onto the longboard
  • Includes Abec 5 PDP bearings
  • Comes with Gullwing Charger Trucks
  • It has wide trucks which make the board perfect for the downhill racing and also they always will go in a straight line by its default setting.
  • A very premium quality stock parts like wheels
  • Due to its 42″ length, it becomes very simple to control.
  • It comes with a clear grip tape


  1. Sector- 9-Green-Wave-Drop-Thru-Longboard-ReviewLaminated Bamboo: This longboard has a 5-ply laminated 100% environmentally friendly camber and bamboo mold structure. This bamboo structure not just makes this longboard durable, but additionally sturdy making this board a long lasting one.
  1. Drop Through Installation: The trucks utilized for this board are installed to the deck of this board in drop through settings which reduce the center of gravity of the rider for improved balance. On top of that, drop through longboards are additionally simpler to control and handle in case you are sliding.
  1. All Genuine Sector 9 Parts: Sector 9 is usually considered by many as the best longboard brand available in the marketplace today. As a result, having all the parts of this board are produced by Sector 9 which is an advantage considering the fact that this will be of premium quality.

Its powerful features and other benefits make this longboard a unique one. It has gained much popularity that is obviously noticeable. You will be satisfied once you use this.


The bamboo deck creates high flex.
The trucks are solid enough.
This is perfect for downhill, carving, or cruising.
A very simple to control due to 42″ length.

It is a little on heavy side.
Also, the wheels may get weak soon.


This design and style of this longboard are furnished with a green color shape similar to a surfboard. It is much longer compared to a conventional skateboard so that it is more perfect for cruising and transportation that is in case you are not curious to do tricks. You will find small cutouts in the base to enable the board to lean more over the wheels; therefore, it is capable of making excellent turns and also making sharper turns.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard – Best Cruiser Board

Quest- Best Cruiser Longboard

Selecting a longboard is hard these days because of the availability of a lot of products. If you purchase a longboard, you would likely be looking to purchase a high-quality product.

In case you are a learner seeking to move out on the street but are very timid to test a longboard, after that you ought to have a look at the Quest Super Cruiser longboard one of the cheap longboard.


  • The deck of this board is manufactured from maple wood and artisan bamboo.
  • This skateboard comes equipped with 70 millimeters PU wheels.
  • The wheels are manufactured from premium quality polyurethane with approximately 80A hardness.
  • Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard includes a kick tail.
  • It consists of ABEC5 bearings and hollow 4-millimeter risers.


  1. Artisan Skateboard: You might be thinking about, what is the artisan skateboard? The straightforward reply is that this is an item of riding products which is constructed with attention and care to detail. As an alternative to purchasing some factory manufactured piece of wood which is attached to the plastic wheels, simply you can get this top quality Quest Skateboard.
  1. Wheels For High-Performance: As the deck is extremely essential as that is what will stand on and make turns with, you will not be heading to any place without some superb quality wheels. To help you be sure that you receive the best outcomes most possibly, Quest has mounted durable 7″ light weight aluminum trucks on its bottom.
  1. Smooth Design: Not only artisan indicates that the materials are wonderful, but it also indicates that this board appears a lot better than other sellers. Whenever you purchase the Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard, you are receiving a masterpiece of design and also a way of effortless transportation.

It comes at a low price which helps it to stand out in the marketplace. This is a perfect board for skating on the street and making stunning turns. It is a cutting-edge longboard out there.


The amazing deck is aesthetically made with the artisan bamboo and maple wood.
Multi-ply hardwood maple has been used in the construction of this longboard to make it a durable one.
You do not require any replacement parts to be sure about the smooth and amazing ride.
This Quest longboard comes with a kick tail to guarantee optimum stability.
It is challenging to obtain a 44″ skateboard at such an affordable price.

The trucks can wear out more quickly compared to some other components.
In some cases, its wood may begin to crack quite simply.


On the whole, whether or not you are a newcomer to skateboarding or even are a pro, you will have a kick out of this Quest Super Cruiser Skateboard. This particular product has almost everything that will help you make the trips across the road enjoyable and pleasant. Not anymore you will have to stroll everywhere. At this moment, you can go anywhere with this board.

Side Note : If you are an artist want to design stunning graphics on you checkout best drawing tablets and it’s reviews with buyer’s guide!

Atom Drop through Longboard – Top Brand

Atom Dropthrough Longboard Review

This Atom 36″ Drop-Through board is extremely high-quality equipment when it comes to the materials and parts used in it. Because of the advantageous work delivery of this particular longboard, customers happen to be taking pleasure in their fun time with this particular revolutionary riding gear. This extremely higher and bouncing board is completely appropriated for speed riding with numerous style of riding. In case you are a rider and prefer to do a lot of Cadillac and tricks soft riding in terms of your usual longboarding routine, then this board is the challenging to defeat all-rounder.


  • A die-cast aluminum base and hangar
  • It comes with a 8-mm axle diameter
  • It features 0.375″ chromoly kingpin
  • Made of PHT graphic fabric
  • Poly carbonate hub
  • Comes with a chromoly axle
  • A firm maple laminate deck


  1. Laminated deck: To make sure that the riders love this longboard, the deck is laminated and well constructed. You can ride downhill free of fears since the deck is the highest quality.
  1. Perimeter shape: One more excellent feature is that this comes with a built-in perimeter shape. It comes with a 9.6″ advantage which tends to make balance and is able to stop the wheel from biting.
  1. Urethane-material wheel: The truth that this is utilizing this sort of wheel signifies it is certainly a top-notch longboard. The implication of this is the fact that it can make for fast and easy riding. Furthermore, this can be utilized on various surface types.
  1. Bushing quality: One more thing excellent with this longboard is always that it features a tight bushing. At the same time, if you prefer, you still can lose it.
  1. Balance: his board is designed to be near to the ground, and this particular contributes to the balance. Furthermore, this is simple and easy to grip and ride while you ride.

This is going to be an excellent and best longboard ever before you might have purchased and used. At the same time, compared to the features and benefits of this product the buying decision will be a wise decision. You will feel this board smoother and even more flexible while you ride this.


It comes with a durable hardwood maple laminated deck.
As a result of its being small in size, it is very simple to move and push.
It has premium quality grip tape to protect the deck top.
It comes with high quality bearing to give you a smooth ride.
The extremely high reverse wheel provides enough carving ability.

It is very stiff to get the flexibility.
Due to the wheel-diameter and deck size, many riders have encountered wobbles.
The truck most possibly needs to be modified to get even more turning facility.


This is an excellent Atom Drop through longboard and even it is manufactured for the comfort and ease of all the users such as beginner, intermediate and professional riders. This is very durable and comfortable to ride. Undoubtedly, it is the top downhill longboard which you can look for right now on the market.

If you want drop through longboard read here more details and reviews that include Atom and Santa Cruz longboards.

Yocaher Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard – Top Rated

Yocaher Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard Review

Yocaher is one of the top rated longboard brands in the market. They have varieties of boards to select from & more appealing styles. This is incredibly robust; the body weight of big and heavy individuals will never be in a position to crack it. This is steady and offers optimum control which makes it simple to ride on hills, speed breaks, and bumps with no wobble effects. It offers impressive features and comes at an amazing price. This longboard is very steady and robust and has great control to the person; therefore, there are absolutely no wobbles throughout the riding. This is ideal for professional and also longboard for beginners. This features massive 22 shades of color to select from. There is no doubt that this is one of the cheap longboard under $100 available on the marketplace.


  1. Design Versions: The color and design are not important in conditions of the overall performance of the longboard. Still what is important is that you enjoy it and this quite often leads to more hours invested just practicing.
  1. Drop Down Mount: The deck of this board is installed in a drop down settings which provides less center of the gravity to the person who rides on it and therefore improved balance.
  1. Con-caved Deck: The deck is con-caved that offers a comfortable fit to the feet.
  1. No Flex: The deck rated as non-flexing by Yocaher. For those who like non-flexing longboards, must note!


  • The fact that this longboard is thicker implies that this is often used effectively and can also be used on rough roads since you will never see the roughness of road a lot.
  • One of the primary issues of individuals at this time is that they are discovering it challenging to push it from one spot to a new one. By using this, it will never be a problem since you can simply push this.
  • This unique longboard can take the weight for approximately 300 pounds. What this means is that you simply need not be worried about this breaking down suddenly on them.

Yocaher Speed Drop Down is one of the top-selling longboard available on Amazon. This is designed for maximum speed and based on the users it will ride as rapid as 25 – 30 miles hourly. It has scored 4.0 stars out of 5 stars due to its overall performance.


Less expensive & value for money.
Attractive & Excellent design.
It is durable enough..
It is very stable.
Build designed heavy so not be worried about crack it.

Its bearings are stiff.
It is a little bit heavy.


Yocaher Speed Drop Down offers amazing features at an affordable cost. It is quite popular; undoubtedly every skater seems to have one of these due to its best and high-quality features. It has the maximum strength greater than some other longboards at the similar cost and might be more than expensive ones as well. I personally use this best longboard and have an amazing experience. I must say, you gonna love it.

Rimable Drop-Thru – Cheap Longboard

Rimable Longboard Review-Cheap Longboard

This Drop-through board is of excellent high quality from Rimmable, another best longboard brand. It had been created for challenge enthusiasts. Unquestionably any tricks can be carried out with this particular one when it was manufactured for nothing but success. Whenever you evaluate almost all the rides this guarantees but the cost is a little issue. Additionally, starters can easily get a ride on this as well since the trucks and wheels can be modified to the needs of the users. Its aptitude and elegance will leave the viewers with wonder. This cheap longboard each and every skater should have one of these in their longboard collection.


  • This is 41″long and 9″ wide
  • It comes with a 9-ply ample laminated deck
  • It has Drop-Thru 7″, 180 millimeter aluminum truck
  • The dimension of the wheels is approximately 70 mm X 51 mm
  • It has ABEC Nine bearing with top speed lubricant


  1. 70X51 Millimeter PU WHEELS: This Rimable Drop Thru Longboard is included with 70X51 mm PU WHEELS. All these wheels are perfect for rough terrain and strong enough to give a smooth ride. The design of the wheel is for stability and speed.
  1. 7″, 180 light weight aluminum truck: This longboard is lengthier compared to a normal skateboard. The producer utilizes the 7″, one hundred and eighty Light weight aluminum truck to safeguard this Rimable Longboard. These vehicles are simpler to keep the balance and also make the wheels go without problems while riding rapidly.
  1. ABEC 9 and top-speed lubricant: These longboard wheels have the ABEC 9 bearings with the top speed lubricant. The reason behind this is that they match perfectly in every wheel and assist in top speed. Also, the bearings can be serviceable and even do not degrade promptly if you clean up on a regular basis.
  1. 41×9.5″ popular size: This Rimable Longboard 41″ is simply the perfect size for an unforgettable cruise. This size enables quick and fast rotating. This will make it simple for you to have a great time while you experiment with styles and tricks.

This can be termed as one of the top rated longbord. Users rated this highly and recommended to others and offers all the required features that made its users amazed. Customers love this board to a great extent.


This is very reliable and durable.
It can master of the uneven surface.
An all-rounder and hard-to-beat long board.
Incredibly strong.
It is very fast.

The design of this can be blunt slightly for the teenagers.


Rimable Longboard is unquestionably worth contributing to your longboard collection. This is tremendously long lasting, steady, and fast ideal for all types of tricks. This can make amazing and crazy tricks attainable without difficulty. This is ideal for starters as well. This is a wonderful cheap longboard and definitely of one of the maximum standards and even comes at a good price at the same time. This can be slightly expensive however it is a little aspect compared to the features. Not to forget, it promises the excellent the ride.

Santa Cruz Drop Thru Longboard

Santa Cruz Drop Thru Longboard Review

This Santa Cruz represents a 40″ which has an excellent look. This is a versatile drop through board offering Santa Cruz Metallic Longboard Deck which measures 10″ x 40″. This is the perfect type of board to crush which will offer you balance and easiness in riding because this is a perfect drop down longboard.


  • The artwork of this Lion Rasta makes it a distinct head turner.
  • It is highly inexpensive thanking about its specifications and features.
  • It is easily store able and lightweight plus very convenient.
  • Low center of gravity means easy riding and maximum stability.
  • Maple laminate deck offers strength to the longboard and additional grip for the rider.


  1. 180 mm Truck: The truck is the most important part of this. Santa Cruz includes 180 mm high-quality rider truck. This road rider truck can be described as a top quality truck which has developed this longboard high quality worthwhile.
  1. Road Skater Wheel: The high quality of this particular road skater is relatively great. This longboard includes Polyurethane wheel and square shape 75-millimeter road skater.
  1. Fast Delivery: Having fast shipping is a burning problem to the customers. In terms of the Santa Cruz Longboard, the majority of the buyers are pleased with the delivery of the product.
  1. Versatility: This board is manufactured from hardwood maple; therefore the versatility is not similar to a bamboo manufactured longboard. However the road skater responsive reverse truck and 9-ply maple provide tiny bit versatility during the time of fast riding.

Great deals of individuals who have bought this are newcomers or first-time skaters and just about all of them had been pleased with riding this. Many of them have left comments on the speedy delivery of the product, and they are pleased with how they had been capable of getting the feel of this board very easily.


Making turn by this board is very smooth and also has the ability of getting a turn quickly.
It comes with a soft wheel with no wobble very super fast bearing.
It has impressive truck and deck construction.
It is amazing for the fastest downhill riding.
Attractive and beautiful outlook.

The overall flexibility of this board is very little.
The newcomers required to be more cautious with its top speed.
Several customers got bubble on grip tape.


The expert customers are pleased with Santa Cruz longboard because of its power and long life and from one of the best longboard brand. The majority of genuine customers additionally certified that whenever it moves very speedy, this is incredibly balanced. Simply because of the well-crafted framework and style with high-quality parts, the customers of this are thrilled. Furthermore, numerous of them have suggested this to the other people.

Penny Complete Long board – Best For BeginnersPenny Cheap Longboard Review

If you are a new comer to longboarding or skateboarding, then this Penny Complete Longboard is one of the best longboard for beginners you can purchase to get into the outdoor activity. It is extremely inexpensive and extremely versatile.

Its deck is provided with the classic pintail form and is produced from a plastic material, instead of wood, which is a little bit distinctive. Completely new riders prefer the power and versatility of this longboard.

The wheels are smooth; however, if you are riding on well-paved highways, then this will not be a problem. Regardless of the lower durometer of wheels, this particular small longboard can get a lot of speed in a short time.


  • Plastic longboard with Concave and Camber
  • It comes with textured Grip
  • Reverse/invert kingpin trucks
  • It comes in a pin-tail Shape
  • Classic waffle top


  1. Longer Deck: This penny complete longboard is little and offers a distinctive design and style. The deck is powerful and can handle huge weights. The size of this is approximately 22 inches and even fits several feet sizes. Almost all riders can easily utilize this particular longboard regardless of their feet size. It offers powerful grip which holds the feet strong on this longboard.
  1. Smooth Wheels: This penny complete longboard includes wheels approximately 55 millimeters. The wheels are smooth and capable of absorbing the shock from the rough terrain and bumps. This gives a stable and smooth ride.
  1. Portable and Small: This has a classic design from the early 70s. It is compact and small. It is simple to take with you and matches effectively in a bag. Its small deck can make it perfect for riding along the pavements and footpaths.
  1. Simple to Control: This has an exceptional design and small size. This is easy and light to control. It suits perfectly in compact areas like the pavements and footpath.

Affordability is one of the main reasons behind this board to be a perfect one. You will really enjoy this to use. The company also ensures the long life of this product and even offers extended warranty. Therefore, it is one of the top rated longboard available in the marketplace. I think you can take a look on this.


This is strong enough and offers long lasting structure.
This is small in size and comes with a compact design.
Simple to ride on the sidewalks and pavements.
This provides smooth and stable rides.
Perfect for all the terrains.

The paint at bottom can chip off.


In case you are thinking about testing out longboarding, but do not want to add a lot of thought or money to your next buy, then this is which I would suggest for you that will meet all your requirements. You will not need to spend hundreds of bucks to get the top rated longboard. Apparently, Penny complete longboard ended making them 1 or 2 years ago still this is the best longboard for beginners. Therefore if you are curious to buy this one then don’t delay and visit our link to learn more and make a purchase!

Final Verdict

Friends, I have reviewed top 7 best longboard brands and some of them are cheap longboards you can choose from. I have also listed the longboard for beginners. This takes me more than 50 plus hours of research. I hope these reviews will help you get the best one without any hesitation.

At a Glance: My Top Picks in Each Category

Longboard Buying GuideHow Choose Best Longboard

Best longboard brands buying guideAs a longboard lover, you need to have a good knowledge about the longboard before you want to buy it. Longboards are available with different features, construction, and shapes and they are created for numerous riding abilities and styles. Above I researched online and reviewed the best longboard brands for you. Therefore, I have designed this manual to take out the guesswork of the selection of board and bring you on the roads as quickly as possible!

To select the proper longboard, you need to consider the following:

Select The Deck Perfectly

The initial step of your longboard buying instruction is to select a deck which is suitable for you. I would suggest you to look into the construction materials of the deck of the longboard. The most typical kind of wood utilized in the building is maple.
You can pick this particular in case you want a resistant and thick board which may last for a considerably long time.

Cruising and Carving need to have flex on the longboard. Bamboo is a nice option for them since it provides versatility and comfort and ease. In addition, a light and portable bamboo-built board is excellent whenever you are taking it out to somewhere. In case you are skilled in longboard driving, you may check out carbon-fiber longboards. These are lighter in weight compared to the others. Additionally, you will certainly be in a position to get started considerably faster compared to the others.

Carbon fiber tends to make the longboards that can easily flip and pull off the complex movements instead very easily than others.


Trucks are the pieces, which go below the board and strengthen this whenever you are riding on. The trucks connect the wheels to the deck and also permit for pivoting and turning on an axle . These are broader compared to your standard skateboard trucks. Depending on exactly how you cruise and what you utilize the board for, you will need to choose your trucks. The trucks vary from all those on regular skateboards because they have an inverted or reversed kingpin. This gives a more side-to-side move for improved control and stability.


Carving and Cruising are all coping with carving down the sloped roads, ripping through quad on the way to class, and also long a bit sloped ground or distance pushes on flat.

You Will Require 2 Trucks
What is important to look into right here is the width of the hanger. For standard longboards with 9-inch deck or broader, you will need 180 millimeter hanger.
In case you are into carving and cruising, a standard 150 millimeter hanger is going to do perfectly for you. As much as the base plate of this truck is involved, generally the greater the angle of base plate, the much more it is going to flip. Knowing that, you are going to do nicely to select a 50 degree base plate for carving and cruising. This angle can make this simple for you to turn and flip across the small area. For a downhill biker, a 44 degree base plate coupled with 180 millimeter deck is a great collaboration.

Freestyle Longboarding

It is the strategy for being creative; therefore you may ride whatever you desire. Freestyle riding requires numerous specialized abilities for example dancing, goofy and regular riding, board tricks, sliding, just to mention a few.

Consider Deck Styles

Deck styles play a vital role in how steady the longboard is, exactly how simple this is to foot-brake, and also how simple this is to enhance on the flat ground. Generally speaking, the higher the board is off the flat ground, the greater the center of gravity is going to be, which means more fatigue and less stability while foot-braking and pushing.

Top Mount

The top mount is considered the most conventional board shape in the arena of longboards, and this is additionally the most affordable. The deck is installed over the trucks, therefore, the center of gravity is greater compared to some other board styles. This will make the top mount a little bit less steady and solid and perky compared to dropped-boards due to greater turn leverage.

Drop Deck

All these decks would be the odd looking ones. These are molded during the construction in such a manner that the place your feet relax on sits below truck areas of the longboard. This is a quite effective way for decreasing the center of gravity to get less fatigue and increased stability while pushing/braking.

Dual Drop

Less than the lowest bar at the limbo, dual drop longboards offer both drop deck style and drop through trucks to have your feet as near to the ground as it is possible. This is obviously the most balanced deck style; however, it is additionally the lowest common because of its higher level of difficulty to create, which may also allow it to be the priciest.

Appropriate Set Of The Wheels

Wheels perform a massive part in how your longboard performs since they offer grip between the road and you, which also affects the cornering ability and speed. There are a number of different aspects that determine how the wheels will do the job. You will need to select between the wheels of the different hardness, sizes and shapes based on your driving styles. For a city riding, select smoother wheels to travel through tough highways with small stones. Regular wheels having good hardness are great for individuals who are simply getting into the longboarding.

The shape of wheel also things. You may attempt all those wheels with all the longboard in case you are into carving or cruising. Rounded-edge wheels can slide without difficulty.

For racing reasons, you may attempt direct-edge wheels because these are considerably less vulnerable to grip however help in speed.

Choose The Perfect Mounting Hardware

The risers and lock nuts are essential small gear to determine your longboard. Additionally, you may mark the front end of board with them. Choose between various lengths of the hardware without or with riser to match your requirements and the help you may need. You will need to select 8 lock nuts and bolts for your long board.

Wheelbase/Board Length

Wheelbase or more specifically, board length performs an important part in turning and the stability of the board. Longer boards (or even those that have longer wheelbases) generally will offer more balance at pace but are not able to turn as tight or as quick as boards with the shorter wheelbases.

Construction of Board

The most inexpensive and common board construction makes use of several thin sheets, known as veneers, of Baltic birch or Maple wood similar to regular skateboards. Also, the veneers are glued and stacked on the top of one another and are pressed into the shape. The quantity of veneers differs between boards; however, a general rule is that the greater veneers used, the heavier and stiffer the board is going to be.

Board Flex

Longboards arrive in tons of numerous flex ratings, which are determined by numerous aspects such as the amount of concave, length, laminates, and board material. For more information, you have to learn about what level of flex is perfect for every style of riding.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

So friend, I hope this buying guide will help you choose the best longboard perfectly according to your budget. I am sure that you will not find in-depth information on a single page such like above. I will suggest you keep the things mentioned above before you make a purchase.

Please share this guide with your friends so that they also can make the right decision with proper knowledge about the longboards. Use the comment box bellow to share your thoughts.



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